CIKM Career Day

CIKM Career Day 2016 – Fostering interactions between industry and academia


For all companies looking to expand their profile in big data, the Career Day at CIKM will be a one stop opportunity for ideas and talent recruitment. An important goal of this event is to foster long term collaborative relationships and networking opportunities across several interdisciplinary domains between industry and budding academic talent. The program will include several speakers from industry discussing their portfolio of job opportunities, solicited oral presentations from students, poster presentations and a panel discussion comprising of industry experts.

Industry sponsors will register in EasyChair as a “reviewer”. Please include Company, Contact Name, Contact Email, Expectations and Degree of Student. Choose Career Day track from the EasyChair submission website:


Career Day offers a great opportunity for the student to meet potential employers. Exposure of resume to industry recruiters via EasyChair.  Interact with company participants. Lunch and refreshments along with a networking reception at the conclusion of Career Day.

Students, scientists and professionals submit resumes to EasyChair. Provide information on area of expertise and types of job interests in the CV along with basic contact information, Institution, Degree held or expected. Choose Career Day track for submission to

Career Day Schedule: